Hola From Playa Negra, Guanacaste Costa Rica!

My time here in Playa Negra has been a dream! Beautiful weather, fun waves, family and awesome new friends, I couldn’t ask for more. After an emotionally peculiar year, moving away from friends and spending most of my time alone, this experience has been much needed.

Diabetes can really send you on an emotional roller coaster and I’ll admit I was pretty down in the dumps most of 2015. But here in Costa Rica I’ve been able to disconnect from the negative and reconnect with the things that matter. I have given little to no thought about the news, keeping up with social media happenings and things of that sort. Instead I am connecting with friends and family, keeping my mind busy reading, writing and doing what I love most SURFING! The Pura Vida lifestyle is contagious and has seeped into my soul. I can say I truly have no worries at this point. I was laid off from my job a couple weeks ago and it honestly feels liberating. My future is uncertain and that ambiguity is invigorating! I will carry this uplifted spirit home with me and let it lead me into a beautiful future. Of course there is the ever present concern of managing my blood sugar but surfing everyday has made it loads easier, and I’ve written enough about that, I’d rather tell you more about my trip.

If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica the Los Pargos area is perfect for those looking to experience the local culture, escape the tourists and score some great surf. From Playa Negra, Avellanas down to Marbella theres plenty of waves for surfers of all levels. I have had a few of the best sessions of my life! I can honestly say I’ve never been barreled so many times in such a short period.

Props to Jarrod and Megan with Playa Negra Vacation Rentals for hooking us up with an incredible house, walking distance to the break at Playa Negra. Check them out if you are looking for a spot down here.

If you are lucky enough to be here during their rodeo it is a must see spectacle. Much different than rodeos in the States, anyone can get in the ring and run around taunting the bull after it bucks the rider. I climbed up on the railing to get a better view and was almost nailed by a massive bull! I had to kick him a few times to make him leave me alone. What an experience!

Enough rambling, as they say, pictures say a thousand words. All I really have are pictures of me surfing taken by my parents. Im not really big on photo journaling or having my phone on me all the time. It seems to take away from the experience, I’ll elaborate more on that in a future post. Enjoy the photos (props to my momma for braving the heat to snap some great shots).

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